Saturday, December 03, 2005

Friends ~

On July 29, 2005, we held a candle light vigil/balloon release to remember Lorne on the 4th year missing anniversary.

Though this is not an anniversary that is a joy to celebrate, it is one in which we all need to pull from one another to remember Lorne and pray for his safe return.

This photo is of 2 of Lorne's close friends, Magara and Mark.
Like many in attendance, these two were at the vigil to show support to Lorne's parents while we all remembered the good times and look to the future for more to come.

During this vigil, we were joined by the Local and State Police, John and Magi Bish (Parents of Abducted and Murdered Molly Bish), Doug and Mary Lyall (Parents of Missing Suzanne Lyall), Karey Young (Mother of Missing and Recovered Timothy Young), along with many members of Lorne's family and his friends.
We had a "Line of Love" which held information of many others that are missing, DVD's were shown of Lorne as well as Missing Patricia Viola, candles were lit for Lorne and others that are missing along with balloons released for ALL. During this vigil, for the first time, we were all told Lorne's story, written by his mother, for this occasion.

I ask that everyone looks at the faces of the missing and remember them. Know that there is a life behind these faces and a family that misses them dearly.

I pray for all the missing to one day be reunited with all that love them.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Everyone is someone's child!

Both of these photo's are of Lorne with his parents. The top photo being at his graduation from Pembroke Academy and the bottom photo is of them in the early 1980's.

I am sharing this because many lose sight of the fact that age has NOTHING to do with the fact that ALL missing people have someone that is missing them.
Circumstances around the disappearance may vary, but that does not make reuniting a family any less then what it is... reuniting a family.

I have heard that Lorne will come home when he is ready. That is a wonderful thought, however, Lorne has a medical condition that could be keeping him from realizing that he is missing or even how to get home.

Please look at these photo's and see the love this family has. Lorne is an only child and his parents need to know where he is.

Always remember ~
Everyone is someone's child!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Lorne's Story

I would like to share this with all of you. It was written on July 29, 2005 and read at the vigil we just held.

Lorne's mother did write Lorne's story as it took place from prior to his disappearance to the day of. Here is what she wrote...

Some people know Lorne's story and some people don't
Some people will judge Lorne and others won't...

Lorne's Story

Lorne graduated from Pembroke Academy in 1998. He was 18 when he graduated high school, a typical teen age boy, snow boarding, playing basketball, swimming, boxing, and just hanging out with friends. Lorne was not judgmental and liked helping others. He seemed to have lots of friends and was very popular. He of course, loved nice clothes and fine jewelry. Lorne is an only child and our pride and joy.

This is not a pleasant story for any parent to have so say but we feel it is important for people to know, and perhaps help understand why Lorne changed so.

After Lorne graduated from High School, he was invited to a New Year's Eve Party on December 31, 1998. This is when Lorne took his first hit of Ecstacy. Apparently Lorne used this drug for four months on a regular basis. Then, on April 29, 1999, we received a phone call from him saying he needed his dad. He was at the Home Depot on Loudon Road in Concord, about 12 miles from his home in Chichester. About 30 minutes later, I received a call from my husband saying Lorne was not himself and I needed to come right away. When I got to Loudon Road, Lorne was walking down the highway with one hand holding his eye open saying that he was special, had powers, and that I was evil and had to go. We did not know what to do. The police arrived and he was arrested, charged with destruction of property, possession, and resisting arrest. This was the first time Lorne had ever been arrested.
I mention this story as I feel it is important for people to know the dangers of Ecstacy and other drugs available to our children. We had no idea of what Lorned had been taking nor had we ever heard of Ecstacy. Now, unfortunately, we can say we know what this is nand it can destroy a life.
Once Lorne was releasesd, he was placed on probation, and had a CADAC evaluation, Court Appointed Drug & Alcohol Counselor. At this point in time, Lorne realized he could no longer "Party with his friends". Lorne was told he would have no lasting effects from his drug use. This appeared to be untrue.
Lorne became sober and monitored by the hospital for 2 1/2 years. He was in and out of jobs, believing people were out to get him, in and out of reality, and in and out of doctors appointments. He was placed on Haldol, a mind controlling drug, and then on Respidone. Lorne went through several changes, in his life. After 2 1/2 years, May, 2001, we were told by the clinic that they could do no more for him and we should take him to Riverbend, an outpatient facility). This was not successful, as Lorne left the facility and never was well enough to return.
For the next 2 months, Lorne b ecame more distant. He stopped eating, stopped dressing, stopped talking, and just plain stopped everything that seemed normal to us. What was happening to our Lorne?
Lorne would take long walks in the evening by himself. Then on July 29, 2001, around 6:00 PM, Lorne went for a walk with nothing other than his white fleece shirt, black fleece pants, and sandals. This ws the last time we saw Lorne.
For fours years, we have tried to get media coverage, posted fliers, mailed fliers to shelters around the country, created a Website, attend missing seminars and functions in different states to become aware of missing resources and for support of others who have missing loved ones. We have lettered our vehicles, we where T-shirts with Lorne's picture and information and wonder every day what else we can do to bring him home.
As parents of a missing loved one, we cannot begin to explain or understand why this has happened. We know it is not up to us to ask why, we can only hope that somewhere out there Lorne knows we love him and are waiting for his safe return.
This was writing by Lorne's mom for his 4 year vigil. I would like to add in that this is not the side of Lorne that I saw. I saw a young man that loved his young cousins and lived for their happiness. He took my children to Amusement Parks, Trick-or-Treating, swimming, snow boarding, and just "hung out" with them.
That is the unpredictability of Schizophrenia, there is NO normal.
Thank you to all that read this.
Praying for Lorne and Hoping for the Lord to guide him home,
Hugs to all,
Louise (Lorne's Auntie Wease)

Friday, November 25, 2005

Looking for Lorne

Somewhere Out There, Is My Nephew!

I have come to learn about the loneliness in searching for someone that you cannot find. It is a feeling beyond expression. You are filled with sadness, desperation, anger, bitterness, emptiness, yet you still find Hope and Faith to go on.
I trudge down this road, everyday, as I search for the where-abouts of my nephew. I search, for the most part, alone.
About Lorne ~
Lorne, then 21, waved bye to his parents as he headed out for his evening walk. This is something that he did daily and never caused any alarm. He always left personal items behind as he would return and life would go on. This was different on July 29, 2001 ~ Lorne NEVER returned. As every other day, ALL personal items were left behind; cell phone, ID, credit cards, EVERYTHING.
For over 4 years, we have:
~Made and Posted Fliers
~Written to shelters, soup kitchens, hospitals, and police departments through-out the United States
~Held candle light vigils, balloon releases, and other events
~Registered him with MANY different Missing Person's Organization, such as, National Center for Missing Adults, Project Jason, Child Protection Education of America, etc.
~Had shirts with Lorne's photo and information made and Missing Patricia Viola's husband compiled photos, fliers, videos, and news footage into a DVD that we hand out, FREE, to those that would like to know Lorne.
~Detailed our vehicles with Lorne's information
~Created his website
~Attend vigils for others that are missing, missing person conferences & training, etc.
Please visit his website,, sign his guestbook, and forward it to people you know.
As always, Keeping the Faith!