Saturday, December 03, 2005

Friends ~

On July 29, 2005, we held a candle light vigil/balloon release to remember Lorne on the 4th year missing anniversary.

Though this is not an anniversary that is a joy to celebrate, it is one in which we all need to pull from one another to remember Lorne and pray for his safe return.

This photo is of 2 of Lorne's close friends, Magara and Mark.
Like many in attendance, these two were at the vigil to show support to Lorne's parents while we all remembered the good times and look to the future for more to come.

During this vigil, we were joined by the Local and State Police, John and Magi Bish (Parents of Abducted and Murdered Molly Bish), Doug and Mary Lyall (Parents of Missing Suzanne Lyall), Karey Young (Mother of Missing and Recovered Timothy Young), along with many members of Lorne's family and his friends.
We had a "Line of Love" which held information of many others that are missing, DVD's were shown of Lorne as well as Missing Patricia Viola, candles were lit for Lorne and others that are missing along with balloons released for ALL. During this vigil, for the first time, we were all told Lorne's story, written by his mother, for this occasion.

I ask that everyone looks at the faces of the missing and remember them. Know that there is a life behind these faces and a family that misses them dearly.

I pray for all the missing to one day be reunited with all that love them.


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