Friday, November 25, 2005

Looking for Lorne

Somewhere Out There, Is My Nephew!

I have come to learn about the loneliness in searching for someone that you cannot find. It is a feeling beyond expression. You are filled with sadness, desperation, anger, bitterness, emptiness, yet you still find Hope and Faith to go on.
I trudge down this road, everyday, as I search for the where-abouts of my nephew. I search, for the most part, alone.
About Lorne ~
Lorne, then 21, waved bye to his parents as he headed out for his evening walk. This is something that he did daily and never caused any alarm. He always left personal items behind as he would return and life would go on. This was different on July 29, 2001 ~ Lorne NEVER returned. As every other day, ALL personal items were left behind; cell phone, ID, credit cards, EVERYTHING.
For over 4 years, we have:
~Made and Posted Fliers
~Written to shelters, soup kitchens, hospitals, and police departments through-out the United States
~Held candle light vigils, balloon releases, and other events
~Registered him with MANY different Missing Person's Organization, such as, National Center for Missing Adults, Project Jason, Child Protection Education of America, etc.
~Had shirts with Lorne's photo and information made and Missing Patricia Viola's husband compiled photos, fliers, videos, and news footage into a DVD that we hand out, FREE, to those that would like to know Lorne.
~Detailed our vehicles with Lorne's information
~Created his website
~Attend vigils for others that are missing, missing person conferences & training, etc.
Please visit his website,, sign his guestbook, and forward it to people you know.
As always, Keeping the Faith!


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