Sunday, November 27, 2005

Everyone is someone's child!

Both of these photo's are of Lorne with his parents. The top photo being at his graduation from Pembroke Academy and the bottom photo is of them in the early 1980's.

I am sharing this because many lose sight of the fact that age has NOTHING to do with the fact that ALL missing people have someone that is missing them.
Circumstances around the disappearance may vary, but that does not make reuniting a family any less then what it is... reuniting a family.

I have heard that Lorne will come home when he is ready. That is a wonderful thought, however, Lorne has a medical condition that could be keeping him from realizing that he is missing or even how to get home.

Please look at these photo's and see the love this family has. Lorne is an only child and his parents need to know where he is.

Always remember ~
Everyone is someone's child!


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